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    Types of Cleaning Services

    Cleaning services, maid service, apartment cleaning, janitorial service and commercial cleaning service are all terms more recently identifying a specialized external service, offering a particular service to people, companies, fraternal groups and other commercial premises. This service is generally thought of as being for the home, but in fact almost any place that contains human activity is open to this type of cleaning service. Maids, cleaning companies, janitors and gardeners all provide some type of cleaning service. Some of these companies are just down to doing their job, but with better equipment and training they can offer a more professional, thorough cleaning than many homeowners or businesses are able to do themselves. For those who need an all around cleaning service they are often willing to pay a bit more than the average homeowner, but it is often worth it.

    When hiring cleaning services there are a few basic things to consider, such as what kind of cleaning services they provide, whether they have the proper cleaning equipment, and how much they charge. It is also important to consider basic guidelines, such as whether the company is bonded and insured, and if so what standards they hold their employees to. Often, companies that are not bonded and/or carry low insurance rates are suspect, and should be avoided. It is always better to be safe than sorry in this industry.

    Basic cleaning services for those who are self-employed include doing some window cleaning, sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting. Basic apartment cleaning includes cleaning of shared spaces such as the kitchen, hallways, common areas, elevators, stairways, and entryways. Commercial cleaning services may include cleaning windows, office floors, carpeting, cleaning countertops, floors, and any surface or furniture that requires it. Most janitorial services provide a basic cleaning solution and/or sanitizer spray for offices and commercial buildings.

    There are a variety of options when considering professional cleaning services. Professional cleaning services can range from an all-inclusive cleaning solution to simple commercial cleaning solutions that only include non-toxic cleaning products, such as Purel, Green Seal, or Bleach. Many cleaning services offer a variety of other options, such as trash disposal, degreasing, and sanitizing, in addition to the basic commercial cleaning services. Professional cleaning services are best used by businesses or commercial businesses.

    For a small or domestic business, many individuals elect to clean their own homes. This provides the option for the convenience of cleaning when it suits your schedule and location. Many cleaning services offer cleaning solutions made with all-natural and organic ingredients that are safer for people and the environment than traditional cleaning products. Regular house cleaning helps maintain the property and provide a clean, organized atmosphere that makes people feel at home and reduces the number of times they must visit a cleaning company.

    The most common types of residential cleaning services include: dusting furniture, blinds, window coverings and other furnishings, emptying closets, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms, removing cobwebs from walls and windows, and cleaning refrigerators and icemakers. Commercial cleaning services may include: cleaning restrooms, office buildings, and commercial carpet cleaners. Dusting shelves and tables, cleaning window ledges, dusting desks, changing light bulbs, and removing leaves from sidewalks and parking lots are typical residential cleaning services. Mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning gutters are typical duties for commercial cleaning services.

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